BBC Fitness is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle where we cater to your weight loss, strength training, and toning goals. We offer customized plans to help our clients get the results they desire. Changing lives from the youngest to the oldest is what we care about.  Your health awaits and we want to build a better you. Become a witness to fitness and changing your life into healthier lifestyles.

"Building Bodies Consistently is the motto of the ultimate workout experience. It's mind over matter and yes you matter. Go to the extreme. If it hurts, it works. So, don't stress, win or lose by pushing through the pain to perfection. That's why "Your Body is My Business." - Calvin Moon

Founded in 2010 by Calvin Moon, BBC Fitness has touched the lives of many who can attest to effective results, a fun and energetic environment, and encouragement that extends levels of gratitude.

Join us at our new location in the Warwick Shopping, Newport News Virginia and see how we can help you with your weight loss goals.